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Agenda file won't open

[From a discussion on The Digest:]

… it may be caused either by the sheer size of the file, or the number of attached notes. … My solution was to load the Psion Emulator onto my PC and open the file there. I then archived the earlier entries (using a date that reduced the file size by about half), and then transferred the two resulting agenda files back onto my Psion. I can now access all the entries - but in two files…..

… if your Agenda file is over 6 megabytes it really belongs on a CF card - and how.

If you move it to a CF card (thus freeing that much RAM) you might be able to open it. If you can, delete/archive anything you can straight away. Even if that does materially reduce the size you should split the file into at least two separate files as you suggest.

If none of that works you’ll have to use a desktop editor and/or a PC synchronisation to put the entries manually into a new Agenda file.

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