From Revo to E90
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Date: 5 Dec 2007 02:34:03 +0100
From: <ten.etonhsalf|xofd#ten.etonhsalf|xofd
Subject: Transition Revo Plus to Nokia E90

Ok folks,

I would like to update you all on my transition from Revo to Nokia E90. It has been a weekend of fiddling and 2 busy office days of real world use. I declare it a success !

One great find is that I am able to cycle through open apps like I used to with "file-switch."

I am using a substitute calendar called Handy Calendar. It is not exactly like agenda but it is getting the job done, and the calendar alarms don't crash the unit like my psion used to.

I am able to open my huge excel files reasonably quickly with Office Suite. Seems to have better editing features than the preloaded Quick office app. On the Revo I would have to chop the files into a dozen smaller manageable ones and of course convert them to sheet. Shortcuts such as Ctrl c,v and x work nicely.

It connects directly to my PC (at heart I am a mac person but that's another story) and mounts via USB. The files go back and forth seamlessly.

The browser is awesome and the screen is great (not that I used my Revo for the browser).

The battery lasts all day, no problem.

In short, I no longer miss my Revo (and the endless battery problems).


New York, USA

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