Experiences and anecdotes

… A frequently asked question: “Do you get to keep them all [gadgets for review], Giles?”

Answer: No. In my experience of reviewing gadgets, games, computers and software, it’s rare for a journalist to be given something like this to keep. Generally, if the item is cheap (less than 100 quid or so), you might be in with a chance, and the likelihood increases if it’s software.

One memorable exception: when Psion launched the Psion 5MX pocket computer back in 1999, I attended the press conference. Celebrity geek Stephen Fry gave a very entertaining speech, various Psion dudes gave little presentations, then at the end as we filed through the door, every single person present was handed a brand-new Psion in a box. I was astonished.

Of course by then I was already a loyal Palm user and owner, so couldn’t really justify keeping a second PDA in my rucksack; so on my return to the office, I handed the Psion over to my surprised colleague Lawrence. I think it died on him, losing a pile of data, a year or so later.

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