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PDA comparisons

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    • PDA comparer Allows you to compare specs of several PDAs, smartphones, etc., side by side
      • Example Comparison of: Psion Series 5mx | HTC Advantage X7501 | HTC TyTN II P4550

Smartphone comparisons

  • Grid comparison of current smartphone solutions by Steve Litchfield, 3lib





Communicator series: 9300, 9300i, 9500

Third-party software
  • TomeRaider

31 Jul 2008: from The Digest

I emailed them but it was some time ago to see if they had Tomeraider for the Nokia 9300 but they didn't.

Nokia E90

Nokia N810

Psion Teklogix


Panasonic Toughbook

  • Digest discussions Results of Google search <"panasonic toughbook">

Symbian Series 60 phones



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