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[From The Digest]

Date: 12 Sep 2007 04:25:11 +0000
From: Vlad A
Subject: The last computer # 1138

I still use it, as you say, when I have to take
notes; and when I need a handy agenda, etc. I succeeded in transferring
Contacts (some in Data) to my iBook. Notes-fields got lost though, so I keep
checking for differences; the Mac-Adress-Book is a bit more primitive and Now
Contact is unstable and clumsy. I transfer notes and texts by copying them to a
CF then cleaning the garbage in any text-editor: I suppose someone could write
some Macros for that. Since OS X, no more problems with the file-structure of
CFs, but I haven't tried copying lots of files back and forth between the Mac
and Psion. I could connect to the Internet with the Gold Card modem, but this
is not confortable enough. So the MX5pro stays on my desk and comes along when
I travel. A new version with a better screen, WiFi etc. and a faster processor
might find a niche, probably not enough for today's hybrid market…

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[From The Digest]

Date: 10 Sep 2007 18:09:16 +0000
From: Timothy H.D. Williams
Subject: The last computer

For the last eighteen months, I have been using a Nokia 9300 and my
Psion 5mx was, on its return from the nice people at Flexicable, [PsionFlexi??}
relegated to the back of the cupboard. But the other day I pulled it
out and reinstalled my favourite software. And it was like falling in
love all over again, even at my age.

What a marvelous computer ! Reading the register article (ten
pages in all) you want to pull out your hair.


Why did the Psion computer go south when Psion got so much right -
and was so much better so obviously in so many ways than the
subsequent Epoc machines from Nokia ?

Can you imagine for a moment a Psion version of the Nokia E90 without
a decent word processor in the ram ?

But to get back to falling in love again. With a big screen and a big
keyboard, the Psion 5mx is an ideal machine for writing on when you
don't have access to a full size computer at hand.

What the Psion 5 doesn't have, though, is wifi, usb or bluetooth.

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