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  • 9300i connection problem solved by disabling network check

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010

Posted by Thomas F. VAN DER ZIJDEN to The Digest

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Subject: Problem with GPRS connections in other countries solved

Dear all,
A long time ago I described a problem with my Psion and Nokia 9300i.
I use the program ispWriter.opo to produce a script for the Psion to be inserted into the Internet settings.
This works fine with my datanetwork in Belgium (BASE), but it fails in foreign countries. I can see, that the Nokia's modem receives data (the IR icon does not blink anymore), but finally the netBook times out with "No dialtone".
If I read my e-mail on the 9300i itself, it produces the E (or G) in a square and it starts reading the e-mail right away !

The problem lies with the script itself. It checks whether or not the phone is connected to a network by sending AT+CREG? and it expects a "1" back. My 9300i answers with "+CREG: 0,5" and so the Psion times out.
(I have no idea, what this means, by the way: it may mean that EDGE is available ?)

An option on the "Login" tab of the internet settings (the same tab with the protocol) is to select "Display window (displays terminal window after dialling". I then saw the above happening.
As the Nokia does not really need this network check, I deleted it and the Psion now works without any problem.

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