Psion-Vista Connectivity

User comments

  • My experience with Windows Vista and Psion-software is *very* positive. PsiWin works fine, no problems with re-connecting, or for that matter with anything else, whatsoever. Also DSlink does its job nicely. I find the combination Netbook & Vista absolutely satisfying.
  • Psion PsiWin DOES run on Windows Vista! All views are available in the PC Explorer (that is not the case with XP). Backup is OK. Copy also. I did not try sync.
  • Using the Videk USB Serial connector described in the link below (USB Serial Cables), I've had no problems connecting my Psion Series 5 to my Vista laptop. I run as a standard user with UAC enabled. I installed PsiWin 2.3.3 first, before buying the connector, and just cancelled when it go to the point of trying to connect to the Series 5. Then I bought and installed the USB Serial cable (as described on that page) and connected.


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