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  • From the Digest, nos 949-951:

From: Bruce A.Knox
… BTW, about the film appearances of Psion: a few years ago I made the mistake of watching a film called (I think) "Executive Action", and the evil fellow who designed to blow up the aeroplane used a 3a to transmit the necessary signal - an enhanced 3a presumably, a model not released to the public.


From: Phil Aypee

Hi Folks,

Bruce, the film was “Executive Decision” and starred Kurt Russell. The villain was David Suchet.

A Psion, SiBO flavour too, was in an episode of “A Touch Of Frost” (do you get that in Oz). Periodically there are references to Psions in films/on TV on the NGs or at PsionPlace.

Of greater interest is the fact that Psions (3as) were taken by a group of botanists to the high Himalayas as they were not only more rugged than anything else otherwise suitable they were resistant to the cold. When a Psion froze (literally) it just stopped. When it started again there was no loss of data, the thing simply unfroze with all applications and documents as they were before!

From: Bruce A.Knox

Thanks Phil, for this straightening out and update: and doesn't David Suchet make an excellent villain. Stimulated by this, I now recall also seeing an S3a in the hands of a villain in The Bill in days of yore - so not only right thinkers are on board. The latest however was two nights ago. In Grumpy Old Women no fewer than two of the interviewees were wielding 5mx-es. Being a Grumpy Old Other Sort I was delighted to see that such people endorse our favourite little machine.

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