Repairs And Supplies
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As of the 1st June 2005 Psion Digital ceased all repair activities for its legacy range of PDA’s and accessories; Series 3, Series 5, Series 7, Revo, Siena and Modems. This is in line with our commitments made in various press releases over the previous months and years. However, for your convenience Psion has set up a link on this website to a company who is able and willing to continue to repair your Psion PDA’s. POS Ltd ( ) will be able to help with ALL repair enquiries and issues. …



  • Gareth Saunders' links to Psion repairers and advice
  • POS Ltd
  • PsionFlexi
  • Costas Stylianou
    • > [As of April 2007] Costas is located in London. He specialises in repairs and upgrades to netBook/Series 7 form factor (possible plans to extend services to Netbook Pro). Phone him on +44 (0)7850 394095 or email him at costass <at> ntlworld <dot> com with details of your problem/requirements for a quotation.
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Buying and selling

  • "… An address for every Psion-fan to check out: there are a few gems and bargains waiting for you in his on-line shop…."
  • Psionex Second User PDA Exchange Service
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