Series 5 Faults and repairs


  • Horizontal lines running across the screen

This is the unfailing sign of the eternal scourge of the 5mx: imminent failure of the screen cable (which connects the motherboard to the screen).

The bad news is that it will not go away - it will get worse and is not cheap to repair.

But there's lots of good news:

- it doesn't affect any data, so there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to back up your data pending a repair

- it's often intermittent, so if you can't read your screen now, you might be able to next time you switch on, and then you can back up

- also try holding the screen partly closed - often the lines disappear at certain angles, so this again gives you a chance to back up

The less you can open and close your 5mx (that's what stresses the cable), the more slowly the screen view will deteriorate. While the screen is still partly or intermittently readable, copy the contents of your C drive to a CF (compact flash) memory card or to another computer's hard disc. When you've backed up, send the 5mx off for repair. If you can't back up, get the repairers to do it for you - for an extra charge, of course.

PsionFlexi replace the screen cable with their personally improved versions, less vulnerable to this fault.

POS in London offer a while-you-wait repair service (as well as a postal one) - but presumably with the old unimproved cables? Check the prices against PsionFlexi - POS may be a lot more expensive.

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