Series 7 Repair And Supplies
  • Dismantling the netBook
    • [Feel free to modify the following advice, which originated with Thomas F. van der Zijden on The Digest]

here is some advice:

1. ALL batteries, the netBook personality module and (if you have it) the extra
memory must be removed beforehand.

2. The best way to remove the netBook sticker is to carefully heat it for about
15 seconds with a hairblower. When doing this, cover the keyboard with a piece
of paper/hardboard. Otherwise, you will remove the letters as well.
Try to pull off the sticker. If this does not come off easily, re-use the hairblower.

3. Remove the screw under the netBook sticker.

4. If the screen is still in its "half open" position you will notice hinge
pins next to the slots for the ROM/memory cards. Remove these.
5. You should now be able to remove the piece of plastic with the netBook
sticker, the on/off button and the stylus button. This may need some force, but
be careful not to break it.

6. There are different models of screen connectors. In my case I needed to
remove 2 screws. Remember exactly how it was placed on the connector !

7. The white thingy that actually holds the cable onto the motherboard should
be carefully lifted up. If you put too much force on it and you break it, the
motherboard is a total loss.

8. Fumble the connector back into the white clamp and re-assemble.

When putting the two screws back I may have laid the netBook screen too flat on
the table. This means that at the moment I put the screen cable back
into the connector, it probably came loose. The third time I put a book
under the screen. The netBook so far seems to be all right.

The whole operation is of course at your own risk. If you put too much force on
the netBook motherboard, it may break.

  • Failing screen
    • [Feel free to modify the following advice, adapted from a discussion on The Digest]

… Alas, the repair didn't hold. The screen is starting to do the fading thing again, and needs firm pressure on the badge to (temporarily) return it to normal.

Do all mbooks / netbooks / S7's end up this way? Is it as inevitable as the S5 screen cable problem? Sound like there's money to be made in offering a service to fix / replace the cable and connector. Perhaps worth looking into for the Psion flexi-type screen cable repair services.

[Response 1]

Yes, I think it is inevitable - EXCEPT for Psion's last batch of Netbooks, which had their third or fourth attempt at fixing the screen cable problem (which seemingly actually worked). Although this belief is based on very little info, so I could be wrong. At the very least, the screen of my 7book (7 with Netbook ROM) went wrong, got repaired, went wrong again, got repaired, and has not gone wrong since. I believe that the second time they repaired it, they replaced the mobo with a recent Netbook mobo (or otherwise retrofitted it with their latest screen cable fix). … Sadly, I can't see any way that might help you …

[Response 2]

Bother, that's not good news. Mine is still holding, but I used 2 ways to improve my chances:
1. I did put a piece of paper parallel with the screen cable under the screen clamp and (the same piece) under the cover with the 2 screws, as Christoph recommended. Careful not to break the clamp!
2. I put my netBook in the case and the case in the front pocket of the rucksack, instead of in the (dedicated for laptop) back pocket. The back pocket was in direct contact with the bike and thus with the vibrations. For the moment (!) it seems to work. I did not even need to recalibrate the touch screen.

The failure is quite common, but usually the simple repair method helps. You and I are the exceptions. :-( I do not see an improvement the PsionFlexi-type way, as the design of the cable is all right. It is the clamp that is the problem and if you want to remove that, you are tampering with the motherboard itself.

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